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There is no topic that we are not enthusiastic about, that we we cannot completely dive into and , be your partner at eye level with. In 30 years of the Crew, there are few industries that we have not worked on in one way or another. Nevertheless, two core areas have emerged in recent years in which you can rely on our proven expertise: “Healthcare” and “Building Technology”. Take, for instance, our pharmacy know-how and our handling of OTC products through more than 10 years of cooperation with ratiopharm. Another example: Bosch Professional. One of the most important suppliers of hand-held power tools in the world, with a large product portfolio that is distinguished by its innovative power. Both industries have one thing in common: complexity in distribution channels. And that brings us back to Creative Sales Campaigning. Then again, isn’t this the case in all industries nowadays?


Casetitel ratiopharm

OTC Products

e.g. for ratiopharm, Mepha Schweiz AG, Loceryl, Rozero

Dietary supplements

e.g. for plantoplus, Hempamed, Dr. Loges (Die Crew Digital), Lomerase, Abtei
Casetitel Hartmann

Medicinal products

e.g. for Hartmann

Casetitel ratiopharm

OTC Products, Dietary supplements, Medicinal products

e.g. for ratiopharm, Mepha Schweiz AG, Loceryl, Rozero, plantoplus, Hempamed, Dr. Loges (Die Crew Digital), Lomerase, Abtei, Hartmann

Building Technology

Casetitel Bosch Kantenfräse


e.g. for Bosch Professional, Orbitalum
Casetitel dormakaba Zeiterfassungsterminal

Investment goods

e.g. for dormakaba, Bosch Building Technologies, Bosch Thermotechnik

Building/Building materials

e.g. for sto

Casetitel Bosch Kantenfräse

Tools, Investment goods, Building/Building materials

e.g. for Bosch Professional, Orbitalum, dormakaba, Bosch Building Technologies, Bosch Thermotechnik, sto

The World of Home Interiors

Casetitel Schwörerhaus

Building/Interior fittings

e.g. for SchwörerHaus, Schmid Innenausbau

Casetitel Bosch BSH

Home and garden equipment

e.g. for BSH, Bosch Home & Garden
Casetitel Sübdund

Interior design, Accessories

e.g. for Südbund

Casetitel Schwörerhaus

Building/Interior fittings, Home and garden equipment, Interior design, Accessoires

e.g. for SchwörerHaus, Schmid Innenausbau, BSH, Bosch Home & Garden, Südbund

Products to move you

Casekachel Kalkhoff Integrale


e.g. for Kalkhoff, Focus, Metz Moover, Pinion
Casekachel Pinion


e.g. for Spicer Parts, Victor Reinz, Bosch Rexroth
Casetitel Mr. Leasy

Mobility Services

e.g. for S-Bahn, Mr. Leasy

Casekachel Kalkhoff Integrale

Bicylces, Suppliers/Equipment, Mobility Services

e.g. for Kalkhoff, Focus, Metz Moover, Pinion, Spicer Parts, Victor Reinz, Bosch Rexroth, S-Bahn, Mr. Leasy

For personal lifestyle


e.g. for Junghans, Maurice Lacroix

Care products

e.g. for Maria Galland

Casetitel Heimerle und Meule

Jewellery/Semi-finished products

e.g. for Heimerle & Meule

Watches, Care products, Jewellery/Semi-finished products

e.g. for Junghans, Maurice Lacroix, Maria Galland, Heimerle&Meule


Casetitel Aqua Römer

Mineral water

e.g. for Aqua Römer

Casetitel Ott Spezial


e.g. for Schussenrieder, Schwarzbräu, Dinkelacker Schwabenbräu GmbH
Casetitel Heilemann


e.g. for Heilemann

Casetitel Aqua Römer

Mineral water, Beer, Confectionery

e.g. for Aqua Römer, Schussenrieder, Schwarzbräu, Dinkelacker Schwabenbräu GmbH, Heilemann



e.g. for VPV, Presse-Versorgung


e.g. for Sto Stiftung, IVST

Casetitel GPM IPMA


e.g. for FairEnergie, GPM, Höveler Holzmann, Dapro Serv GmbH, Messe Essen

Insurance, Trade fairs, Services

e.g. for VPV, Presse-Versorgung, Sto Stiftung, IVST, FairEnergie, GPM, Höveler Holzmann, Dapro Serv GmbH, Messe Essen

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