Our podcast is called “Get the goods moving”. The subtitle: “The podcast at the interface between marketing and sales.” In each episode, Michael Frank interviews personalities who deal with this subject. Experts from marketing and sales, from the field and the classroom. The interplay of marketing and sales is explored from ever-changing perspectives. Listen in. It’s worth it.
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

Digital health: AI – the new pulse of life?

The story:
In the latest episode of “The Pallets Must Go”, presenter Michael Frank and Jonathan von Gratkowski explore the intersection between technology innovation and healthcare. Jonathan, a charismatic entrepreneur with a history of personal health struggles, shares his visions and already realised projects. These range from the use of artificial intelligence in healthcare to the idea of personalised patient care through digital solutions. The discussion shows how AI is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare and gives an outlook on how technology can sustainably improve people’s well-being. Yours too? Listen in.

Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

Mastering change: sales success in the digital age

The story:
Dr Julia Leonore Titze was born in Düren in 1984. As a qualified psychologist, trainer and coach and as the founder and partner of Rückenwind, she combines specialist knowledge with practical experience. Her expertise in the professional development of specialists and managers is characterised by an analytical mind, empathy and a sense of humour. Dr Titze is a sought-after expert in recognising sales potential and promoting it accordingly. In this episode, she shares her valuable insights into the changing world of sales with Michael Frank. Why is the ability to adapt and the willingness to change crucial for success in this field? Listen in.

Nothing can be developed here without integrating AI.

Jonathan von Gratkowski
Techie, Seriengründer, Erfinder der Videosprechstunde, Experte für digitale Gesundheitslösungen
in the podcast “Get the goods moving.”
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How to turn sales into a science

As we all know, you can make a science out of anything. In some cases, you wonder …
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

New Work: What the work of tomorrow may look like

Everything is new in this episode! It’s not just about the topic of “New Work” …
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How a global aid organisation emerges from a personal catastrophe.

Serkan Eren, 38, was a fitness coach before he founded the aid organisation …
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How to make pharmacies successful and become successful in pharmacies.

130 employees, four branches. At first glance, that doesn’t sound like a …

Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How HARTMANN launches new products during Covid-19.

A large-scale product launch was planned to consolidate and expand the company’s position on the market. Everything was going …
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How to capture an audience and take sales communication to new heights.

Internal podcasts are THE current hot topic in internal communication. And in this case, focusing on the speaker’s own .…

Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How to win over pharmacy teams.

“Good prices. Good recovery.” We’re all familiar with it. After all, it is the tag line of Germany’s most well-known medicine brand…
Podcast-Episode 5 – Ute Wynands

How to stay a start-up after 135 years.

“We create quality of life”, as DR. KADE says, for all of 135 years. With brands that everyone knows …
Podcast-Episode 4 – Constance Dada

How to talk to be the talk of the town.

At the interface between sales and marketing, somewhere along the line …

Podcast-Episode 3 – Thomas Raith

How to rev up a bicycle.

A stroke of luck for all those who want to deal with the formation of a market: the rapid development of the …
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How a sales pitch saves lives with an inspiring story.

Managing a brand icon isn’t always plain sailing. David Grossmann …
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How to get marketing for a lift off the ground.

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