Schmid GmbH

Brand presence and internal communication

Schmid GmbH


A double launch: new brand presence and new communication tools.


Schmid is one of the foremost interior designers. The high quality standards and the brand’s self-image had not yet been clearly communicated – not even to its own employees.


The answers to the whys and wherefores of the Schmidt brand could be repeated verbatim by the management, but they were not enshrined in a brand story. Schmid’s key brand ambassadors are the workers on the construction site who are difficult to reach with traditional in-house communication.


A new distinctive brand presence and strong brand messages that highlight the brand’s qualities in all media, not to mention new approaches for in-house communication. We introduced the team messenger Slack to Schmid and SchmidRadio, internal podcasts that employees can listen to on their way to the construction site.

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