Creative Sales Campaigning
Marketing and sales still often work in closed-off silos. We develop inspiring campaigns which have been thought out from a marketing and sales point of view. So alongside “classical” B2B and B2C communication, we realise communication all the way along the distribution channels – from marketing to sales, from sales to retail, from retail to customers. With these “sales-ready” campaigns, we break open the silos and make sales the multiplier of marketing and marketing the turbo for sales. That’s what we call creative sales campaigning. .
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Founded: 1983
Employees: 63
30 brands managed
Creative Sales Campaining


  • Founded in 1983
  • Owner-managed
  • 63 employees
  • Around 40 clients
  • €5.2 million gross income
  • Top 50 Agency Germany
  • Member of GWA
  • Member of Network One


  • Creative Sales Campaigning
  • Campaigns for multi-level sales channels (B2B2B & B2B2C)
  • Sales, retail and POS campaigns
  • Digital POS content/Amazon Brand Stores
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Online and social media campaigns
  • Social selling concepts/campaigns
  • Campaign management
  • Social media management
  • Film/animation/3D
  • Digital streaming events
  • Podcasts/audio communication


  • ratiopharm (healthcare)
  • HARTMANN (healthcare)
  • Wepa (healthcare)
  • Bosch Professional
    (power tools)
  • Bosch Thermotechnik
    (heating systems)
  • Sto (construction chemicals)
  • fischer (building supplies)
  • VPV (insurances)
  • Presseversorgung (insurances)
  • FairEnergie (energy supplier)
  • Euronics
    (retail/consumer electronics)
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Marcel Steybe


Project and Social Media Manger
+49 (0)711 135 4534

Dino Borsellino


Wolfgang Kröper


Wolfgang Kröper


Agency organisation / Senior Manager
+49 (0)711 135 4527

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