Ott Spezial


Ott Spezial


Making new from old: or how we revived a beer legend.

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The family-run Schussenrieder brewery wanted to revive a classic beer with its original recipe: the Ott Special which was very successful in the 1960s and 1970s.


The Schussenrieder brewery has grown considerably in recent years. Not a problem at first glance, however locals tend to go for small local breweries rather than a distant provider to whom they felt no emotional attachment. With our help, Ott Special was going to be a game changer.


Together with Schussenrieder, we focused on their strengths, a regional product for true patriots. We added a dedicated customer magazine, attention-grabbing PoS, a classic design, matching retro barrels and crates and an impactful tag line. Today, all Schussenried and its environs know the true tase of northern Swabia.

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