Bosch Measurement technology old vs. new

Bosch Professional

Bosch Measurement technology old vs. new


Breaking old habits and embracing the future.

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Bosch Professional is a must for professionals on construction sites. Their tools are capable of a lot more than drill holes and demolishing walls. Bosch measurement equipment provides accurate results for levelling jobs, measuring distances, or locating pipes and wires. Our brief was to ensure these precision tools got the attention they deserved.


Tradesmen, and builders in particular, are special folk. They are said to detest any changes in their work processes. For us, it meant persuading someone who has always measured their walls with a yardstick to change over to a digital measurement device in the future. So how do you get this target audience to change their mind?


Anyone still exclusively using analogue methods at work today is living in the past. Our campaign compares old measurement practices with modern digital measurement technology. Black and white versus colour. Silent film versus modern moving images. Bosch measurement tools represent a watershed, they ring in a new era and enable tradespeople to work faster, more efficiently and precisely. This idea runs like a leitmotif through filters and posts on Facebook, films, ads and the entire measurement technology website.

Case Bosch Measurement technology old vs. new
Case Bosch Measurement technology old vs. new

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